Category: Andragogy

Andragogy differentiates the needs of adult learners from those of juveniles (pedagogy) and uses the term andragogy to describe the specific methods which should be employed in the education of adults. The adult learner moves towards independence and is self-directing, in contrast to the teaching of children.

Cognitive Benefits of Video Games

The potentially negative consequences, a mix of legitimate fears and unfounded speculations, of video-games are widely publicised. These are, usually, ...
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Does e-Learning Help Shy Learners Or Is It An Enabler?

Central Queensland University's academics studied the use of Twitter as an alternative to asking questions in front of the class ...
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Entitled People and How to Handle Them

Entitlement, or sense that we have the right to have something, can be a healthy expectation. It is, for example, ...
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Is Addiction a Disease?

Re-examining the paradigm The paradigm of addiction as a disease is embedded in our culture. Teaching hospitals, patient progams, the ...
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When Will the Media ‘Get’ Asperger’s Right?

The insight and sensitivity with which the media treats marginalized members of our culture is a measure of inclusivity.  So ...
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