Category: Best Practice

Best practices are procedures and methods that have been shown by research and experience to produce optimal results and that is established or proposed as a standard suitable for widespread adoption.

The Qualities of a Real E-Learning Developer

One of the main reasons clients hire me is to develop their e-learning environments is that the skills and experience level necessary ...
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The Fear Factor of Social Learning

Social media is new but social learning is not. Formerly known in research circles as CSCL (Computer Supported Collaborative Learning), ...
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PMI Survey: Poor Project Management Can Cost Government Millions

There have been several high-profile failures of publicly funded projects, acknowledged annually in Improbable Research's Ig Nobel Prizes, over the ...
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Is Social Learning the Key to Healthcare Innovation?

Multiple bodies of literature support the importance of social learning in the health professions, recognizing that social networks are a ...
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When ‘Best Practice’ Isn’t The Best Practice

Recently commenting on the undesirable tendency to adopt educational fads in the classrooms, with apparently rampant indiscrimination, I was accused ...
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