Category: Instructional Design

Instructional Design is the systematic development of instructional specifications using learning and instructional theory to ensure the quality of instruction. It is the entire process of analysis of learning needs and goals and the development of a delivery system to meet those needs.

What Is Instructional Design? (You May Be Surprised!)

The last contract I accepted from a university ended over a year ago - and I still have a strong ...
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Putting The ‘Design’ Into Instructional Design

One of the greatest takeaways for me, I have found, is how empowering it can be to realize the significant ...
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e-Learning Design’s Lost Focus On The Learner

E-learning appears to be the perpetual new kid on the block, probably because the  sector gets re-invented before it's had time to ...
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The Fear Factor of Social Learning

Social media is new but social learning is not. Formerly known in research circles as CSCL (Computer Supported Collaborative Learning), ...
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Mayer’s Theory of Multimedia Learning

The principle known as the 'multimedia principle' (Nine Ways to Reduce Cognitive Load in Multimedia Learning) states that 'people learn ...
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