Category: Motivation

Motivation is a critical component of learning. Motivation is important in getting students to engage in academic activities. It is also important in determining how much students will learn from the activities they perform or the information to which they will be exposed to. Students who are motivated to learn something use higher cognitive processes in learning about it. Learning environments and course designs that leverage intrinsic motivation — student curiosity and interest — improve the quality of students’ learning.

Motivating Adult Learners

'Adults in modern society are on a lifelong educational journey' Raymond J Wlodkowski, Regus University, Denver Technology presents bold new ...
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Improving Motivation In e-Learning

Edward Deci and Richard Ryan's self-determination theory (SDT) focuses on control versus autonomy as the differentiating factor between various forms ...
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Designing for Motivation

Knowing what motivates people, what satisfies humans in terms of design and how it impacts the learning process, allows the ...
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Five Proven Tips To Improve Your Well-being

There are many definitions of well-being, but the UK's New Economics Foundation’s approach seems particularly useful when it published 'Five ...
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Motivational Theory

What is Motivational Design? Motivational design refers to the process of arranging resources and procedures to bring about changes in ...
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