Category: Visual Perception

Perception is the recognition and interpretation of sensory information and the response to the information. Perception is a process where sensory information from the environment and use that information in order to interact with the environment. Perception takes sensory information transforms it into something meaningful.

Designing e-Learning Content for Visual Perception

Whether visual design is done by UX (User Experience) designers or by other specialized designers, it is important for you ...
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e-Learning Design From The Perspective of Visual Perception Theories

Perception affects a number of processes that includes acquiring information relating to events, events and concepts around us, sensing the ...
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Visual Processing

Perception is the process of obtaining awareness and understanding of sensory data. We take in something visually and then need ...
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How Visual Clarity Impacts e-Learning

Many skilled roles require a considerable amount of learning on the job, but learning requirements have reached unrealistic levels in ...
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