Dubai: All Public Schools to Offer e-Learning by 2020

Dubai: All of the 425 public schools in the UAE will have e-learning platforms within the next six years, a senior Education Ministry official told Gulf News.

Only 10 public schools in the country currently boast e-learning platforms but 20 more schools will begin using them by the next academic year starting in September, officials said.

Teachers and students are given usernames and passwords to access the e-learning platform. An extensive repository of 7,000 interactive learning objects covering five core subjects — Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography — as well as Arabic and UAE social studies will be available to the students, which will enable them to research various topics related to their curriculum. The learning material will be in Arabic and English.

The role of education needs to be readdressed from the roots, Dr Tarek Shawki, director of the Unesco regional bureau for science in Arab states, said at the forum. ‘Just as the invention of printing took education beyond just face-to-face tutoring, new technologies have made it essential for education to be a life-long process of gathering knowledge.’