Multimedia Development

I can help you to create multimedia resources that make learning episodes more interactive and engaging.

Audio narration (or voiceover) can make a course more accessible by ‘guiding’ the learner through the content. Typically, a narrator will deliver short sequences accompanied by on-screen summary text and graphics. Audio narration creates a natural pace for the learner to progress through a course.

Video suits a wide range of learning styles and is a unique medium for conveying information quickly and effectively. Video instructors are an alternative to audio narration and create a much more personalised experience that is highly engaging. Video is also an effective medium for creating case studies, ‘what if’ scenarios and testimonials within an e-learning episode.

Animations and illustrations can be an excellent method for depicting complex processes or scenarios that might be otherwise difficult to portray. They might also be used as the basis for interactions, such as hot-spot activities and drag-and-drop exercises.

Instructional Designer & e-Learning Developer