The Qualities of a Real E-Learning Developer

One of the main reasons clients hire me is to develop their e-learning environments is that the skills and experience level necessary to achieve an effective e-learning platform are exceedingly difficult to find. I am used to working with clients of all sizes, so whether you want to use some of your own team members for parts of the process (such as content creation) or you need to hire me for all parts, I and my associates can help.

If you are researching companies to develop your e-Learning platform for you, here are a few key areas to take into consideration:

Writing skills

A highly overlooked aspect, writing skills are among the most important when developing your e-Learning website. Writing will be used in all phases of your custom e-Learning website development. Telling your story effectively and in an engaging manner is a huge part of the learning experience, so finding a writer who can cleverly craft your content is key.

Technical expertise

While you can create quick e-Learning courses using plug-and-play type development tools, when creating complex custom e-Learning platforms, hiring an e-Learning developer with technical savvy is crucial. Your developer should have experience with HTML, HTML 5, CSS, CSS 3, JavaScript and developing mobile applications.

Knowledge in instructional design

At the very least, your e-Learning developer should have a strong foundation in instructional design. Creating objectives, navigation and logically grouping content into user-friendly chunks will help your learner more easily digest and stay engaged with the e-Learning material.

Graphic design skills

Having a strong sense of knowing what content, images and layout is visually appealing is one of the most important pieces of the equation when creating an engaging e-Learning experience.

Choosing an e-Learning development team can be tough but rewarding once you get your team in place. Save time and contact me to hire an accomplished e-Learning developer and experience  the difference working with a trained professional can make.